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Who we are . . .
NeoSat Telecomumicações ws incorporated in Rio de Janeiro in 2005 and was instrumetal in the planning and implementation of a large satellie network, and, after commissioning, for its operation and maintenance. 
From 2005 to 2015, NeoSat operated in Brazil in a consulting capacity, not only for satellite networks, but also for other telecoms projects, including WiFi, VoIP, Fibre Optic Networks. 
With the move to London, and the incorporation of NeoSat Consulting in 2015, business consulting began to take the forefront and in 2019, was succeeded by BHW Associates, with the objective of moving from pure consulting to a more operatinal role. 
Brian Wickins, our founder and chief executive, before all of this, was responsible for several startups and was CTO for a large telecoms group in Brazil. All in all, over 50 years of business experience, mainly in Brazil, but for some five years in the US also. This obviously created very strong ties and a large professional network in Brazil. 
The objective o BHW Associates is to partner with Brazilian companies desiring to become active in the UK and Europe and with British companies wishing to do business in Brazil. 
Much more of a hands-on approach, we aim to participate actively in our associates business, taking advantage of our networks in the UK and Brazil to their advantage, our experience with legal, fiscal and regulatory mattersas well as basic housekeeping, such as office space, telecoms and logistics. 
We make sure that our associates are "looked after" in their new territory and aim to form a mutually beneficial relationship. 

Telecoms & Technology
We have a lot of experience fitting the right technology to the right market. 

Are you looking for technology? 
Or are you looking for a new market for your technological product or service?

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Trade & Finance
We are working with Trade & Finance Advisors offering consultancy services in the UK and worldwide.

Bank Instruments, Project Financing, Export financing, Business Plans, Performance Bonds.

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Commerce & Logistics
Have a product for the UK or European Market? 

Or a product or service for Brazil?

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UK General Election
Today is the first December General Election in the UK for 100 years. It is also, potentially, the most important in the lifetime of most of us!

Will we have a conservative majority? Will Boris "Get Brexit done"?
Will there be a hung parliament? What are the implications of this? A coalition? Jeremy Corbin as PM?

Leave? On what terms?


Or remain?

Today is decisive!

 Israel - third election in a year.
Israel heads for unprecedented third election in a year as stalemate continues.

Israel is set to hold a third round of elections within 12 months, after a deadline to form a government passed with no politician able to bring together the disparate parties. 
A time limit to forge a majority coalition in the country’s parliament, the Knesset, expired at midnight on Wednesday, automatically triggering a fresh national ballot. 
By law, the poll cannot be held for three months, extending a political deadlock that has paralysed the country deep into next year. Lawmakers were debating late into the night on holding the vote on 2 March. 

Lemann compra ações da XP Investimentos 
The executive Jorge Paulo Lemann bought shares of XP Investimentos in the broker's initial public offering (IPO), held on Wednesday (11th).  According to sources, the executive used his own fund to buy XP Investimentos' shares. So Lemann got the papers before they were offered on the Nasdaq, the US stock exchange. It is not yet known how much the executive bought from the broker. One source pointed out that the deal did not involve 3G Capital, a private equity firm founded by Lemann. According to a source who participated in the operation, foreign investors were responsible for purchasing 45% of the offer. The companies Fidelity, Durable and BlackRock were among the main buyers of the papers. Individual investors in the United States acquired 5% of the securities.
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